Spirit of the Witch offers customized spiritual services with the authenticity and integrity that her customers appreciate and long for.  Veronica Starr offers services such as tarot readings, channeling, and spiritual workings/setting of lights (spells).  She truly enjoys setting lights and doing spiritual workings for her clients, enabling them to succeed on their path and reach their goals.

Folk Magic & Conjure is a type of spiritual assistance.  In working with candles, Veronica works the spell (spiritual working/setting of lights), on your behalf for your intention.

You can choose to get a tarot reading/consultation beforehand.  This is recommended as it can give insight into what candle(s) would be the best to use and what diety, spirit, saint, or Orisha to petition for your spiritual working.

Here you will find my customized services, including readings/consultations and spiritual workings (spells), that I offer for a wide range of issues.

I always ask my ancestors, spirit guides, the Orishas, and the angelic realm to assist me in all my spiritual workings/setting of lights.  There are a variety of services to choose from; shop around!

I hope you continue to walk beside me and my spirit helpers in assisting to guide you and move you forward.

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