Veronica Starr offers services with the authenticity and integrity that her customers appreciate and long for.  She offers services such as tarot readings, channeling sessions, and setting of lights (prayer and lighting candles.)  She truly enjoys setting lights and channeling messages for her clients, enabling them to succeed on their path and reach their goals.

Veronica is naturally gifted and has been practicing spirituality since she was a very young child.  Coming from a highly gifted family who practiced unconventional spirituality, she was always drawn to the Light, magic, and change that she knew was possible through communing with the higher realms.

With faith, a positive mind-set, daily focus, and dedication, you CAN bring about positive change to your life.

Feel free to contact her at veronica@spiritofthewitch.com.

She offers services for your specific needs and spiritual growth.

‘Thank you for visiting my site. You can also view more information via my FB Page, Spirit of the Witch and my FB Group HERE.

*I help people by looking into different aspects of their question/situation and offer guidance, which comes through the Divine, on how they can receive the best outcome that is aligned with their best interest.  It is up to you to take this new found knowledge or insight and evaluate it based on your present state.

* I do not tell you what to do.  I am not responsible for any actions you take or decisions you make as a result of the services I offer.

*All services remain completely confidential, unless something is disclosed during the session that I feel must be reported to the proper authorities.

*I have a no refund policy for my services as you are paying for my time, not what comes through.

*I am not a financial advisor.  I am not a legal professional.  I am not a medical professional.  I do not provide any services regarding any financial, legal, or medical issues.  Should you require assistance in these areas, seek a professional.

*It may take up to five business days to receive your email reading.

In purchasing any service I provide, you agree to my terms and conditions of the services I am offering, as follows:

*Please note that whatever comes through my readings/channeling sessions are not guaranteed.  As with any other type of professional, you are not guaranteed to gain your expectations within your expected amount of time.

Thank you for working with me and allowing me to assist you in your life’s journey.  I put the same amount of care and attention into every service I provide for my clients that I do for my own spiritual path.  Your desired result and positive outcomes are always my intent.

Welcome and thank you for stopping by.’