One Question, TWO Card Reading-Medicine Woman Tarot


The Medicine Woman Tarot honors Mother Earth and respects all beings, embodied and in spirit.  It guides through the seasons and the powers which they provide to all who live in Earth’s embrace.


This One Question, TWO Card Reading provides further insight into your question, more than a one card reading would do.

Honoring Mother Earth and all living things, this reading will gently guide you through the seasons with harmonious images.  You will find strength as you allow it to help you find the spiritual influences needed to reach your highest vision.

These cards do not have any images that induce fear into the client.  They are very pleasant, inviting, and accurate.

All readings are done via email where you will receive a report and a photo of the cards.

Your reading will be attended to within 3 business days.

*****PLEASE ENTER THE DETAILS OF YOUR SITUATION AND QUESTION, including your full birth name and D.O.B. for better accuracy in the “Additional Information Order Notes” section of the checkout page.

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