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Money Magic Series: Money Drawing Oil How To

What I do is I use 5 herbs.  Cinnamon, mint, thyme, ginger, and oats.  These ingredients represent money and abundance.

For a base oil I like to use Almond or Grape-seed Oil because they’re lights oils and don’t have a strong smell to them, enabling me to be able to smell all the ingredients, which smell so good and I love, love, love!

As you make this oil, remember to have your intent in mind.  It also helps to take a couple of minutes of meditation before hand, to call in your spirit guides for assistance and to charge your work with the best energy possible.

You can use cinnamon powder or sticks.  If you use sticks you will have to break them apart into pieces.  You can do this easily with your hands.  Insert it into your glass jar.

Next, spearmint.  You can put as little or as much as you want.  The same goes for all the ingredients.

Now, you want to make sure that all your ingredients all dried all the way through.  If any part of your herbs, spices, etc…, have any amount of moisture to them, your oil can get moldy and you don’t want that… YUK!  When I dry my herbs, I dry them for a complete moon cycle, at least.  Just to make sure that they are completely.  You can even put them out under the full moon to charge as well!

Also, hold your ingredients in your hand before inserting them into your glass jar.  This way, you will be charging the ingredients with your energy, personalizing it.  Again, all the while, holding your intention (money drawing) in mind.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude as well because everything is a creation, or inspired, by Spirit.

Next, insert the thyme and the ginger (powdered or tiny dried bits of ginger).  You can do this any any order really.

Then your oats.

So there you have it!  Keep your jar in a cool dark place, shake it up every now and then to keep the energy flowing.

After you’ve let the jar sit for a full moon, that’s what I do, you can strain it using cheese cloth to remove all the ingredients if you don’t want to keep them in there.

Check out this video below which shows the entire process!

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